Sialtech expands fleet with sixth sonic rig


Sialtech added a new sonic drilling rig to the fleet, the SmallRotoSonic PL.


The SmallRotoSonic PL (SRS-PL) excels in capturing the powerful sonic force in an extraordinary small and maneuverable package. Thanks to its compact size, the SRS PL is very flexible to use, even in places that are hard to reach, such as inside buildings. The SRS PL delivers 150Hz for faster and better sampling. With the sonic drilling technique, we can overburden and sample in all formations.


The purchase of the SRS-PL rig brings our total number of drilling rigs to twelve and fits in our growth strategy for the coming years, extending our drilling capacity and technics for a better and faster customer service.


Sialtech is your partner in environmental, geotechnical and archaeological field research.


Sialtech offers its services both within and outside Europe. For more information about our services just give us a call (+31 306594060) or mail to or visit our website


*) The SRS PL will be equipped with a safety cage

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